What is Pressure Washing?

What Is Pressure Washing?  Morris Pressure Washing in Oklahoma City Describes what Pressure Washing is.
Pressure washing, is the growing application of high pressure water spray. Produced by specially designed pumps, this spray is a hundred times more powerful than the typical garden hose.

On concrete it is used to remove unsightly mold, bubble gum, and other dirt stains. Wooden decks are returned to the look of new wood, void of graying and fatigued finishes. And on houses, the appearance of siding (namely aluminum and vinyl or wood), is greatly improved by removing pollution, mildew, and other signs of neglect.

Heavy Equipment needs to be Pressure Washed especially the radiators, a good cleaning can uncover hydraulic leaks before they become a problem. Not to mention make them look better.

Boats need to be Pressure Washed as well as waxed, to make it through another long season. All of your ropes need to be cleaned as well, to make them last longer.