We Offer New Construction Cleanup

Morris Pressure Washing is frequently chosen by New-Home Builders and General Contractors in the Oklahoma City area, to clean and pressure wash all the flatwork (garages, driveways, walkways, entries, patios, etc.) at their home sites before turning the home over to the buyer, as often as any professional cleaning company on the market. The construction process can be quite messy and leave a new home looking dirty and uninviting. We excel at removing construction related substances such as paint over spray, caulk, liquid nails, red chalk, etc., giving your homes a fresh, clean appearance.

With the challenges experienced as a result of the current housing market, we feel that pressure washing is a quick and easy way to increase the overall quality of your final product… without adding too much to the bottom line. It is a cost effective way to get a slight edge on the competition, or at least keep up with the competition that is already using us!

Morris Pressure Washing is currently pressure washing flatwork for several home builders and a number of general contractors in the Oklahoma City area. We Work In Edmond, Yukon, Norman, Shawnee, and when you call we get right on it. We know when a home owner closes on a house we have to be there fast. We want to leave the new owner with a sparkling first impression.  We diligently keep the required insurance coverage compliant to your policies, and we are professional in every aspect of the job.