Oil Rig Cleaning


Morris Pressure Washing Service is prepared to provide rig cleaning solutions during the entire drilling and post-drilling processes. Rig clean-up services that we offer our customers for rig site renewal include: frac tank cleaning, rig cleaning, waste removal, and total environmental reclamation.

Frac Tank Cleaning

Our operators carefully and efficiently following proper oil rig cleaning procedures while focusing attention on rig worker safety. The objective of properly cleaned equipment is to renew drilling rig equipment as well as promote the well being of all rig personnel.

Oilfield equipment cleaning is an important part of Morris Pressure Washing safety regime due to the removal of excess grease, oil, sludge, and other substances. If not cleaned properly, substance residue can be dangerous to rig personnel who work in the area of the rig site, causing slips, falls and even the possibility of explosions.

One of the most effective tools used for cleaning substance residue from rig surfaces is an explosion proof pressure washer. An explosion proof pressure washer, mixed with an environmentally safe detergent, can remove dangerous residual substances from oil rig surfaces making the work area clean and safe. Morris Pressure Washing only uses detergents that have been proven to be safe for the environment.

Oil refinery, and gas plant equipment cleaning, also requires an explosion proof power washer for cleaning residual substances from equipment surfaces. Equipment cleaning must be done only by an experienced operator due to the high pressures generated by the power washer that are needed to clean the equipment completely. Keeping the oil refinery and gas plant equipment as clean as possible will allow the equipment to work more efficiently while also providing for the important element of worker safety.

Environmental Remediation

At Morris Pressure Washing , we place emphasis on operational safety. We endeavor to exceed established industry standards, policies and procedures. We encourage and welcome safety audits and strict enforcement of safety and environmental regulations. We take pride in the planning and decision making processes so that we execute every cleaning operation as safe and efficient as possible.

Our technical and professional staff possesses knowledge, experience and perspectives from many disciplines and backgrounds. This enables us to develop the most appropriate solutions to each unique cleaning and renewal project.


Morris Pressure Washing people care about providing quality in their work and highly value relationships with our customer and each another. From planning to completion, each project is personally handled by experts who communicate thoroughly with our customers to clarify their concerns and expectations.

We take pride in our ongoing effort to guard and promote the well being of our team members, clients, and the quality of the environment.