Outdoor Tile Floors

Outdoor tile is made to be sturdy, and to withstand a great deal of exposure from wind, rain, snow and other elements. However, just because this tile is built to last for a long time, does not mean that it won’t require some protection on your part. Over time, it’s common for outdoor tile to suffer from a wide variety of different problems, including staining, cracking and more. By sealing your outdoor tile, you protect it against damage and extend its life.

Sealing Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are exposed to the weather and the elements, including sun, rain, frost and snow. Therefore it is important to determine whether the type of tile you have outside is a tile that requires sealing or not. In general, all porous tiles require sealing, especially stone tiles outside. It is also important to determine which type of sealer you will be using on your outside tiles, as different sealers are used outside than inside, and different sealers are used on different types of tiles, that is why we always recommend you consult a professional even if you have decided to do it yourself, as using the wrong type of sealer can mean that the sealer on the tiles will start to wear off within a few weeks of application, which will require further work to remove it and reapply it again correctly, wasting your precious time and money.

Types of sealers used on outside tiles

Both water based sealers and solvent-based sealers can be used outside. However, unless needed for a specific reason, we always recommend using water based sealers as they do not produce smelly fumes on application and removal, and they are a lot easier to apply and remove, and take less drying time. In fact, solvent-based sealers are banned in many parts of the world, including most of Europe. It is however important to know which type of water based sealer to use on your outside tile, as most water based sealers will not last long outside as they are designed for internal use, so it is important to use a water based sealer that is specifically made for outside use.

You should always ensure that the tiles themselves are completely clean, before you attempt to seal up the tile. This will protect the appearance of the tile, and help to be sure that there won’t be any dirt or other debris caught under the layer of sealant.

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