Gum Removal

Morris Pressure Washing has the knowledge and experience to safely remove dirty, nasty chewing gum from your sidewalks around your store or business, or restaurant . This is the first thing a customer notices before walking into your restaurant or store, and its very important to make a good first impression

We have all seen the black wads of gum often mistaken for tar which cover our property’s sidewalks. Whether it’s a city sidewalk, retail store front, movie theater or a restaurant, chewed gum is everywhere you look. It is an eyesore for your property and left unattended, it turns to ugly black dots and a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. In the summer time it gets sticky and sticks to the bottom of your shoes. It will eventually find its way into your home or business or restaurant. While it is impossible to stop folks from littering their gum on your property, you can effectively remove it!

Morris Pressure Washing uses the most powerful & innovative chewing gum removal techniques in the industry. We eliminate the ongoing problem of chewing gum where even the blackest, stickiest wads that have been stuck on hard surfaces for 20 plus years are dissolved within seconds.

Gum removal can also cause permanent property damage leaving etch marks in the surface where the gum was. Our trained pressure washing professionals utilize the safest techniques when removing gum from your properties surface preventing any property damage, leaving a clean gum free surface. Help keep your business and the Oklahoma City area looking beautiful. Call today for a free estimate for gum removal at your Oklahoma City and surrounding area’s property