Pressure Washing And Sealing Wood Decks

pressure washing a deckPressure washing and sealing wood decks is one of the most misunderstood services in the cleaning industry. Most people don’t understand that there is more to deck cleaning than just pressure washing at the wood with water and then sealing it. An important factor to remember is that the most common reason a deck sealer fails is because the wood wasn’t prepared correctly. When the wood is not prepared properly the wood deck sealer will not adhere correctly and will fail prematurely.
Wood is soft and may damage easily with too much water pressure, therefore it is necessary to adjust the pressure to achieve the results with the correct chemicals. Various factors will determine which chemicals to use to restore a deck. If the wood is gray from UV damage, a decent deck cleaner should work well. On the other hand, if traces of an old deck sealer are present, then a stripping agent will need to be used to remove all the remnants of the old failing wood sealer.
 The deck can then be washed with the right amount of pressure using a pressure washer. No more than 1250 psi should be used or the wood can be damaged.
After the deck has been correctly cleaned or stripped a pH balancing step is performed. This step is a must to neutralize the caustic cleaning chemicals, preparing the wood for sealer. This neutralizing process is achieved by applying a special mild acid solution to the wooden deck. The deck is then allowed to dry for a couple of days before being sealed with a quality oil based deck sealer.