Pressure Washing Boats

When we are getting ready to wash your boat we make sure that we use the correct pressure washing chemicals, for the safety of your boats finish, and the environment.

All marine  detergents we use must be and always will be environmentally friendly, such as Bio-Cleanse™ Part 1 & 2. To extend the life of your dock lines, we wash them with plenty of warm water (no detergents) to remove dirty or oily water and grime. We follow manufacturers specifications which will usually include a list of recommended pressure washing chemicals that are compatible for each application and boat surface type. Your boat should never be pressure washed by an amateur.

Damage is too costly to repair to make it worth your while. We do pressure washing every day. When you do something everyday, you get really good at it. Think about the first time you docked your boat yourself. Are you better at it now, after you have done it many times? Naturally, you would be. The problem with pressure washing when you don’t know what you are doing is like the problem of docking your boat for the first time….it can be really nerve racking, and quite expensive to fix the damage, once it is done.

The preparation of your boat for pressure washing is simple but important to the safety and success of the operation. You may want to keep a checklist to make sure you follow these steps before we come out to work with power washing equipment around your boat or yacht.

1. Close all hatches and window to make sure they are watertight.
2. Clear the dock to have plenty of maneuvering space (it is a good idea to wash the dock first, you don’t want to be tracking dirt back onboard).
3. Check the way that the water will get out and clear any obstructions.
4. Store any items that should not get wet, such as cushions and carpet. (You don’t need to remove closed cell foam cushions; our power washer will not damage them.)

Of course, we can do those things for you, but you can save a little money by preparing your boat for cleaning before we arrive.