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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! With continuous training and education regarding the Pressure Cleaning Industry, we here at Morris Pressure Washing are able to stay abreast of cutting edge cleaning techniques and solutions. These new-wave techniques allows Morris Pressure Washing to clean your property in a cost effective, eco-friendly, safe, and timely manner as opposed to the “old-school” habit of just blasting away with high pressure (very unsafe for many surfaces).
Knowing exactly what makes up or causes the pollutant or stain which is being cleaned allows us to approach each job with the correct technique, as well as cleaning agents. With a combination of our industry knowledge, customized cleaning solutions, and specialized equipment we are able to effectively treat mold, mildew, oil deposits, dirt, gum, graffiti, etc. safely and effectively from all areas of your home or business. We bring smiles to the faces of our residential clients when we restore curb appeal and improve the appearances of their home’s exterior, decks, patios, fences, and driveways. Our commercial clients benefit from having their business / store front or fleet of vehicles cleaned on a routine basis to ensure that they keep the best image to attract customers.
We are dedicated to serving the Oklahoma City and surrounding communities and its property owners with integrity while doing so in an affordable manner. We also serve Norman, Shawnee, Yukon, and Edmond.